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Tuesday February 12th, 2019
Our 1817th Tuesday Auction
188 Head From 25 Consignors
8" of snow Monday into Tuesday morning
and as bad as this is for us ......
it is absolutely terrible with ice & snow
in the country & the cattle yards

Consignors From

Elgin Independence Manchester Arlington Edgewood Elgin
Monticello Marion West Union Monona Walker Dubuque
Sherrill Ryan Delhi Hopkinton St Point Farley



When compared to our previous sale beef steers & heifers steady to higher; Holsteins stronger

Steer Top $131.00 Mike & Marlene Reth of Manchester, high yielding choice & prime $128.00 to $131.00

Heifer Top $130.75 Alex Gibbs of Elgin, high yielding choice & prime $127.00 to $130.75

Holstein Steer Top $96.50 Mark & Sandy Steffen of Ryan: high yielding choice $90.00 to $96.50 ..... dairy cross up to $115.00

Cow Top Too Limited Test

Bull Top $69.00 Scott & Lindasy Domeyer of Manchester


It's a common misconception that livestock markets are in the business of competing with each other ..... on the contrary ...... livestock markets are in the business of providing competitive markets for small, medium and larger producers.  The information placed on this page and our web site is available so you can see what's happening locally.  Markets fluctuate and so does the quality of livestock so you'll need to make your own judgment in that regard.

We're proud to be in the livestock auction marketing business and we're just as proud to work for and with the best people in the world.

The price reports on this page (and others) are placed here using something like Microsoft Excel .... and I believe you can "copy and paste" into your Excel program for your own use.

BQA Certification (click here)




 130 Steers

Top $131.00
Mike & Marlene Reth of Manchester
on 8 head weighing 1421 lbs

 Seller   No. Hd  Weight  Price   Kind 
RYAN BROS INC 9 1412  $130.75 BEEF
RYAN BROS INC 4 1454  $130.50 BEEF
RYAN BROS INC 9 1431  $130.25 BEEF
RYAN BROS INC 9 1454  $129.75 BEEF
RYAN BROS INC 4 1481  $129.75 BEEF
RETH 4 1433  $129.50 BEEF
BEHAN 4 1481  $128.75 BEEF
MEYTHALER FARMS 11 1396  $128.75 BEEF
MEYTHALER FARMS 10 1394  $128.50 BEEF
MEYTHALER FARMS 11 1368  $128.00 BEEF
MOOSE 7 1555  $127.50 BEEF
MILLER 1 1390  $127.50 BEEF
RINIKER 2 1615  $127.25 BEEF
RINIKER 2 1718  $127.25 BEEF
MEYTHALER FARMS 4 1479  $127.00 BEEF
MEYTHALER FARMS 1 1340  $127.00 BEEF
RYAN BROS INC 1 1490  $127.00 BEEF
BECKER 3 1502  $127.00 BEEF
MILLER 1 1640  $126.00 BEEF
SMITH 1 1660  $126.00 BEEF
SMITH 1 1275  $126.00 BEEF
MILLER 4 1396  $125.75 BEEF
BECKER 1 1295  $123.50 BEEF
RINIKER 2 1693  $122.50 BEEF
MOOSE 2 1728  $120.50 BEEF
GEARHART 6 1705  $120.50 BEEF
GEARHART 3 1675  $119.00 BEEF
RAWSON 2 1710  $114.00 BEEF
MOOSE 1 1785  $113.00 BEEF
TUCKER 2 1520  $107.00 BEEF


 41 Heifers

Top $130.75
Alex Gibbs of Elgin
on 10 head weighing 1327 lbs

Seller No. Hd Avg Wt  Price  Kind
RINIKER 1 1425  $130.50 BEEF
THURN 2 1335  $130.25 BEEF
RETH 8 1259  $130.00 BEEF
SMITH 1 1350  $129.50 BEEF
MILLER 1 1235  $129.50 BEEF
MILLER 1 1445  $129.25 BEEF
GEARHART 3 1413  $129.00 BEEF
VORWALD 2 1198  $128.75 BEEF
THURN 1 1220  $126.50 BEEF
FLIEHLER 1 1110  $125.50 BEEF
BECKER 4 1445  $124.25 BEEF
GEARHART 1 1455  $122.00 BEEF
TUCKER 5 1509  $119.00 BEEF

Holstein Steer Top $96.50
Mark & Sandy Steffen of Ryan
on 3 head weighing 1467 lbs

Some may be described as "Dairy" when
they were Holstein/Dairy Cross or maybe red/white Holsteins
or maybe even nearly all black Holsteins
and we don't use them to artificially inflate the market

Seller No. Hd Avg Wt  Price  Kind
STEFFEN 3 1467  $  96.50 DAIRY
SUPPLE 4 1414  $  95.75 DAIRY
STEFFEN 1 1385  $  95.00 DAIRYX
SUPPLE 1 1400  $  93.00 DAIRY
SUPPLE 1 1240  $  88.00 DAIRY



Not Enough For A Test

Bull Top
$69.00 Scott & Lindsay Domeyer of Manchester
on 2 head weighing 2492 lbs