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Sheep & Goat Sale Starts @ 9:30 AM


Dairy Sale Following Sheep & Goats
Never Before 11:00 AM

Yards open Thursday until 7:00 PM

Herd Dispersals followed by fresh cows & heifers; single baby calves;
followed by breeding bulls; followed by livestock delivered Thursday BEFORE 7:00 PM; followed by
all Friday delivered livestock selling in order of arrival (in early means sold early) if they arrive late, they sell late.

Results from
Friday January 13th, 2017
726th Special
Dairy Sale

Sale Review

Limited receipts on all classes of livestock which was not unexpected considering weather conditions and time of the year for sheep and goats.  Historically sheep and goat numbers are at their lowest December through February.

However, all sheep and goat buyers were here including the "new" buyer picked up in our previous auction.  If you place value on competition versus convenience, we'd strongly recommend you consider our auction.

Fat lambs today (118 lbs to 140 lbs) $161.00 to $155.00 cwt.  Light lambs are hard to find but sold a few light lambs today including 4 head weighing 66 lbs selling for $250.00 cwt; 1 head 55 lbs selling @275.00 cwt; and 1 head 85 lbs selling @ $212.50.  Ewes and bucks upper 70's to low 90's.  Goat sales consistent with previous auction.

Dairy Sale was the smallest we've had in recent memory ... maybe ever.  When we opened here in 1983 there was a milk hauler who told me he had one route right here in Delaware County with 19 stops in 21 miles!!  That same hauler now drives 50 miles with 5 stops!!  Is it any wonder dairy numbers are fewer in our auction?

Demand for dairy still remains good; however, we'd suggest if you're bringing any type of dairy animals give us a call so we can advertise them in printed media or even just on our web page.  It pays to do so.