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Tuesday January 17th, 2017
Our 1714th Tuesday Auction


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       Any attempt to make a market comparison is impossible when selling 137 Fed Cattle and 2 Cows!  For those living in town, you can't begin to imagine what the past 48 hours has been like "out in the country".  Hilly roads and uneven cattle yards covered in 1/4" of ice topped off with rain has made a real adventure just walking around much less attempting to sort or move livestock then loading them on a trailer then attempting to safely navigate the ice to the nearest hard surface road.

      All buyers were present today and the demand was good.  Beef steers topped at $122.00 and Holsteins topped at $89.00 which would be in a general anticipated range of an even larger sale.

      Stay safe ...... there will be better days ahead.


It's a common misconception that livestock markets are in the business of competing with each other ..... on the contrary ...... livestock markets are in the business of providing competitive markets for small, medium and larger producers.  The information placed on this page and our web site is available so you can see what's happening locally.  Markets fluctuate and so does the quality of livestock so you'll need to make your own judgment in that regard.

We're proud to be in the livestock auction marketing business and we're just as proud to work for and with the best people in the world.

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